Hanoi kids

November 15, 2008


Hanoi, Vietnam   July ’08   Leica M6   Tri-X

70% of the population of Vietnam are under the age of 30. It’s a young persons country. They are generally stylishly dressed and mobile. I found this group late one weekend afternoon not far from the old quarter. I think they had been to the markets & were getting organised for the evening. (these are not the ‘Hanoi kids’ who take people on tours of the city. I came up with these words as a descriptive title & only realised later that they were the same. I never met the official Hanoi kids but I’ve heard good things about them.)


2 Responses to “Hanoi kids”

  1. renae Says:

    I went to Hanoi late last year and was really amazed at how much the scooter rules so many facets of life. It’s not just for getting around town but also a fundamental part of a young person’s social life.

    There are many public parks that don’t have seats or resting areas, but I noticed that most young people tend to gather along the perimeter with their scooters and their partners, seated on the scooter, which creates an impromptu gathering space, and looks like a good way for couples to hang out and get some privacy away from family as well 🙂

    I love how this picture really, for me, captures the essence of this social aspect of scooter riding/hanging out. It’s very similar to the car culture we have in suburban Australia isn’t it?

  2. whystoptime Says:

    Hi Renae, you are right, the scooter is not just a form of transport, it is also a piece of traveling furniture. I liked to watch the motorbike taxi guys relaxing on their bike as if it was a couch. I also observed the couples parking by the lake, especially Ho Tay.

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