November 22, 2008


Mexico City   Jan ’08   Holga   Fuji Pro 400

Chapultepec is the big park in Mexico City. It means ‘grasshopper hill’ in Nahuatl which was the Aztec language. It’s divided into 3 sections. Section one has a lake with paddle boats and is a popular place for families to visit on weekends. There is a zoo, museum of modern art, museum of contemporary art & the enormous museum of anthropology. The paths are lined with hawkers selling snacks & general rubbish. They all shout how cheap their prices are. I can still hear “cinco, cinco, cinco pesos” in my head when I think about being there.

These photos were taken in section two, not far from the amusement park. Section two has a museuem of technology and a childrens’ museum as well as the amusement park. There are also plenty of paths, lakes and parkland for walking about. I’d bent the lens on the Holga trying to push the Cokin filter holder on & the lens ended up with the focus jammed & a downward tilt. Hence the extra distortion at the bottom of frame. I finally fixed it by buying a screwdriver and popping the lens out & then screwing it back in straight. By the time I worked this out I’d shot multiple rolls of film over several weeks.


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