Painting with light

November 23, 2008



These photos were taken circa 1998 -2000 & were in an exhibition in Geneva called ‘Photo Lightscapes’ in September 2000. It was a group show with photographers from Vietnam, New Zealand and Switzerland. The general theme was to make photos using painting with light techniques or something to do with colour of light.

Both photos were taken with a Rollei 6008 medium format camera & the film was Fuji Provia 100. The shot of the playground structure was taken at night & I walked around with a hand held flash firing it several times to make even light. This structure was near Luna Park in Sydney & was pulled down soon after. This was the start of councils demolishing any playground equipment that might cause injury to kids & then lead to legal action.

The first shot is of dried flowers in a fireplace. It was taken at night in complete darkness. The blue & red light were made by firing the flash first through a red gel & then through a blue gel. The flowers, bricks etc were painted using a torch. For finer work I had a hose fitting that went over the lens of the torch & narrowed the beam. I also used some coloured gels in front of the hose for some of the flowers and leaves. From opening to closing the shutter it took about 40 minutes to do this, admittedly I did work slowly.


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