KL Pawagam Coliseum

December 1, 2008


July ’08   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia    Nikon 28ti   Agfa Precisa 100

This old cinema was on jalan Abdul Rahman where most of the street is Indian businesses. I didn’t know it was such an interesting street, it was near my hotel & I just wandered down there one evening. It ends up at Masjid Jamek. There were some enormous silk & sari shops along here, some were 3 levels of window displays above the street. There is a Saturday night market on the street parallel to this & also an area with lots of Indian restaurants. It’s a great street, unfortunately I only discovered it one of my last nights in KL. This cinema shows Indian movies & also has a cafe next door. Like some other businesses in this street it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 1940s, which is a good thing. That was something I saw a lot & liked in KL – parts of the city are ultra modern while areas nearby are like this. Camera was Nikon 28ti with Agfa Precisa 100, rated at 200. It was cross processed in C41 chemistry & pushed one stop. If I did it again I would only push a half stop in the dev as the highlights tend to block up.


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