Painting with light, 2

January 12, 2009


Some more shots from the Photo Lightscapes group exhibition. This was a group show organised by Charles Weber of Switzerland. The show was on in Geneva in September 2000. A few years later it travelled to Vietnam and New Zealand as there were participating photographers from those countries. The general idea was to make photos exploring artificial light or the colour of light. My work was all shot on Fuji Provia 100 with the Rollei 6008. I sent the chosen frames to Geneva & they scanned and made large Lambda prints there.

I took the above photo of the back of a guy I know who had just had some Chinese cupping treatment on his upper back. The heat draws the blood to the surface & leaves these marks that look like crop circles on the skin. I used a flash to light his back which gives a white light that contrasts with the orange light from the naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling in front of him.


I generally used a Polaroid back on the Rollei to fine tune the lighting & exposures before I shot on film. Above is a scan from a polaroid test shot that was lit by a torch. The red light is from holding a coloured gel in front of the torch. The subject is the pipes under an old laundry sink. I did make an exposure of this scene on film that went in the exhibition but looking at them years later I prefer the polaroid version.


Another polaroid test. This was a variation on the playground equipment shot I put up in the first painting with light post. This was lit by walking around with a flash and firing a few bursts.


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