High contrast

January 23, 2009


Another photo taken with the Minolta Autopak 700 using Ferrania 126 film. This was really high contrast, saturated late afternoon light.


5 Responses to “High contrast”

  1. Roland Says:

    This is a very impressive result for 126! I’ve just repaired an Autopak 700 myself, I’m eager to see the results after seeing this.

  2. whystoptime Says:

    Hi Roland, the Minolta is a very good camera. Soon I will do a little write up on it as part of the ‘All My Cameras’ topic. I was lucky with mine; I bought if off ebay for about $20 and it works perfectly. To be precise, I’m not sure how well the meter works as I always use my Soligor spot meter to set exposure, but all the shutter speeds are good and it has a very nice lens.

  3. Roland Says:

    Good to hear! I bought mine off ebay as well, however the battery terminals were very corroded and one of the wires had broken off. I’m yet to determine how well the shutter speeds work yet. Can I ask where you got your film developed? I live an Adelaide and hardly any labs will touch 126.

  4. whystoptime Says:

    I use a pro lab in Bondi called the Lighthouse. 126 shouldn’t be a problem for any lab to process as it is the same width as 35mm, it’s just the frame size that is different. I know there is also a good mini lab in Sydney called Platinum that has the right size masks to print 126, they even do 110. In Adelaide I would ask around for any pro labs or good quality mini labs, e.g. the type that wedding photographers use. Sometimes that type of lab is more open to uncommon formats. You could send it to Sydney but then you’d have to pay postage both ways. If you’re not already a member of the apug forum it might be worth joining. It’s an all analog photography group, free to join & you can ask questions such as where to find a suitable lab in Adelaide & be likely to get a reply. http://www.apug.org

  5. iheartfilm Says:

    The browns in this are great.


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