Left Right Madness

February 8, 2009


I took this photo in 1998 or ’99. It was a dress rehearsal for the theatre piece ‘Left Right Madness’ by Richard Hayes-Marshall. The film was Kodak T400CN rated at 1600 and pushed 2.5 stops in the processing. Camera was my Canon EOS 5 with 28-70 lens, both of which I still own. Here I climbed a few rungs up a ladder to get a more interesting view point.

I’m still photographing the same actors and they are currently rehearsing this piece to present at the Seymour Centre this week as part of the Short & Sweet theatre event. The actors in the above shot are Loren Gaston & Amir El Abbassy. They were the only performers in the original presentation however the 2009 piece will feature Ralph Andrews and Bainia Masquelier as chorus, with Loren & Amir reprising their original roles. Left Right Madness is about the bipolar condition, with the two main characters representing the manic & depressive states as well as the effects of medication in its various forms.


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