K64 Interior

February 14, 2009


64 ISO Kodachrome, I took these early 2007, it was a wet overcast day with some soft sky light through the windows. I shot these with a Canon 100mm macro lens on an EOS 3. The aperture was f/ 2.8 & the shutter speeds were around 1/15 and 1/8. I knew there would be camera shake, in fact I was happy to get some shake as it can look nice in certain situations.


Kodak have been making Kodachrome since 1935 & it will have its 75 year anniversary in 2010. It’s unlikely to last much longer however due to declining sales. It’s a colour transparency (slide) film but is developed in a different chemistry than E6 which is the standard positive process. Kodachrome goes through the K14 process & as of 2009 there is only one lab left in the world that runs it, Dwayne’s in Kansas.

It also hasn’t been sold in Australia for about 10 years, so to shoot it I buy some rolls from the USA, expose, post to Kansas for processing & also pay for it to be posted back to me. Difficult, but I like how it looks & I want to use it now while it’s still relatively easy. If Kodak discontinues production I predict that all current stocks will be snapped up & the only way to get any will be via the auction site at silly prices. This is exactly what happened with the colour & B&W infrared films recently discontinued by Kodak & also with Polaroid materials.





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