Bondi Road

February 24, 2009


This is from the first test roll I shot with 126 film in the Minolta. It was approx March when the sun sets around 6.30 in Sydney. I walked down Bondi Rd taking photos, took some shots of the beach & then back up the hill to drop the film at the Lighthouse lab on Bondi Rd. There’s a photo from the same roll of sunset over the beach on an earlier page in this site.


2 Responses to “Bondi Road”

  1. Tom Whitten Says:

    I have the Autopak 700, and the shutter doesn’t fire or the film wind on…the Solaris 126 cartridge seems too small for the wheel to catch on the cartridge to wind on. Shutter not firing , but may just need a battery. Enjoy Your blog!

    • whystoptime Says:

      I think the shutter is mechanical, so it is probably not a battery problem. Might need a service, although it seems the supply of 126 film has dried up, so there may not be much point to that. I’m not keen on the idea of reloading cartridges.

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