March 5, 2009


Over the past month I’ve been renting & watching movies on VHS video tape. It interests me how a significant technology can come and go in a relatively short time, approx 25 years for VHS in my estimation. That’s from my point of view as a renter of movies from video libraries. I wonder how many billions of dollars were turned over by this industry in that time. I watch the tapes from start to finish & have been finding some interesting visual items such as colour bars, early computer type faces & cheap video logos. There are not many places left in Sydney that rent VHS tapes, I’ve been using Dr What at Bondi Junction & Videos Galore at Wynyard, both have a good selection. I’d appreciate it if anyone can tell me other libraries that rent VHS in Sydney at March 2009.





3 Responses to “VHS”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Goulds Bookstore in Newtown doesn’t rent VHS, but it sells stacks of them at $3 a pop. You could try there. I picked up some hard-to-find classics there last weekend for dubbing onto my hard-drive. ab

    • whystoptime Says:

      Thanks Andrew, I haven’t been to Gould’s for years. I remember in the late ’70s/early ’80s when he had 2 or 3 big shops in the city. There was one on George St near Town Hall that was open late every day.

  2. whystoptime Says:

    Some other leads I’ve followed up on where to rent tapes –
    Video Ezy at Balmain, they stopped renting VHS 6 months ago
    Blockbuster, cnr Crown & Cleveland, Surry Hills, also stopped 6 months ago

    I’ve been told there’s a Video Ezy in the Broadway shopping centre at Glebe that rents movies on VHS that are yet to be released on DVD. Haven’t had a chance to look into that one yet. There are many films that were released on VHS that are yet to appear on DVD.

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