Un Perro Grande

April 16, 2009


Another couple of photos taken at Chapultepec 2, not far from the amusement park. This was taken with a Holga loaded with Agfa RSX slide film that was then processed through C-41 chemistry. I’m not sure what the name of the place was, it was some kind of amusement centre although I got the feeling it was mostly aimed at kids. The first time I saw it was from the top deck of the Turibus & I noticed this giant model dog & not far away was a scale model of Mexico City. I thought there might be potential to take a photo with the giant dog looming up behind the city buildings. That’s one of the reasons why I went back but as with the amusement park this place was closed on Mondays so I could only take photos from outside. When I was framing up the top shot I was hoping that someone would walk into frame to give a sense of scale but the area was pretty dead that day. There was no one around so I took it as is. I left a few days later & never got a chance to go back.

I had the film processed & proofed at LMI, the main pro lab in the city. I don’t think they were used to cross processing as they got the colour quite wrong on the proof sheets. It was very yellow & contrasty. I’ve re-proofed a couple of rolls in a Sydney colour darkroom & managed to get them looking more like what you see here.



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