Holga wide pinhole

June 27, 2009

holga wpc dining room blog

I’ve been exploring pinhole cameras the last couple of months. I have one that I made from a cylindrical tea tin & recently bought a Holga WPC (wide pinhole camera). I’m using the 6×12 mask on 120 film. It also comes with a 6×9 mask but like most people I left that one in the box. This photo was taken using some long expired Fuji 400 H that I was given. I think the film is OK, it certainly exposed well. The slightly odd colour in the carpet might be the film or might be caused by the pinhole. I can’t find my notes but I think this was a 15 minute exposure. I like this camera; I’ve done a few test rolls with it & I’m starting to get some ideas on things it will be good for.


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