Tea tin pinhole camera

June 27, 2009

pinhole xic lo colour blog

Took this using a pinhole camera made from a cylindrical tea tin. 913 series King’s Tea to be precise, a very nice blend of Oolong & Ginseng. I painted the inside black & made a tiny hole with the tip of a sewing needle. The interior is a good size for 4×5 film although I’ll also be on the lookout for some 5×7 to take advantage of the extra interior curve that format will use. This photo was a 40 minute exposure on Fuji Pro 160S colour neg 4×5 film. I put a small piece of Lee 1/2CTB (half colour temperature blue) over the pinhole to filter out some of the orange from the interior lighting. Hard to know what it really did without making a comparison shot without a filter, but I like the result so I’ll keep doing it this way with any incandescent lighting.

I have a sample book of Lee filters that was free from Panavision Sydney; the pinhole is small enough that I can cut pieces from the swatch & hold them in place with blu-tack on the tin. There are some more useful gels in the book that I’ll end up trying; 1/4 as well as full CTB, light magenta to correct fluoro lights as well as a range of neutral densities from 1 to 4 stops if I want to do longer exposures. Thanks to Lee Filters for that book. I’ve estimated that the size of the pinhole gives me an aperture of f/180. There’s no way to measure & confirm that but basing the exposures on it seems to work out well. I do know that at EV 5 I need a 40 minute exposure at 100 ISO.


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