Single 8 Fujichrome R25N

December 13, 2009

A frame sample of Fujichrome R25N film. This is Single 8 motion picture film, a format introduced by Fuji in 1965 as competition for Kodak’s Super 8. This frame is from some footage I shot in Sydney around October 2009 with a Fujica Z800 camera. Single 8 and Super 8 film come in different shaped cartridges and have to be shot in different cameras. I love the look of the Fuji 25, which is a daylight balanced 25 ISO reversal film. Due to declining use Fuji have announced its discontinuation and the R25 will cease production March 2012 and processing will cease late 2013. They were going to discontinue it a year or so back but held off due to petitions from some Japanese filmmakers and members of the public.

I bought the film from Retro Enterprises in Tokyo, the price includes 5 rolls of film, processing and the return postage. I found him easy and fast to deal with and suggest this might be the best option for anyone outside Japan wanting to use this film. I had the footage digitised by Uppsala Bildteknik in Sweden, they were also easy to deal with, very hepful and did a great job. Here’s a link to 4 x 1 minute clips on Youtube.


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