In my car

March 6, 2010

This is a photo of me driving my car, around Sept ’09. It was taken with a Zero Image pinhole camera. Zero Image is a Chinese firm that makes good quality wooden pinhole cameras that take various film formats; some are made for 4×5 film, this one takes 120 (medium format) & shoots a square frame. I get 12 shots to a roll. It’s a reasonably wide angle (focal length determined by the distance from the pinhole to the film plane). I positioned the camera on the window ledge with blue-tak. I forget the exposure time, it was 5 or so minutes I think. The film was Fuji NPL a tungsten balanced neg film. I only had this roll processed recently, I’d forgotten all about it.

I shot quite a few rolls like this around that time & haven’t really seen what they look like yet, I’m still adjusting to no longer having access to a colour darkroom where I can proof my film. I can’t justify paying a lab to proof it & there are no longer any public access colour darkrooms in Sydney. I’ll have to get into some system of scanning all the frames as a proof, I know how to do it but would much prefer my first look to be via a traditional colour proof sheet. Currently I’m shooting film whenever I see something that looks good, & having it processed, but there’s a delay to actually viewing the positive image.


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