KL 200 Kodak 5001

January 8, 2011

KL 200 Kodak 5001 is the rebate (film edge) code for Kodachrome 200, which was one of my all time favourite colour films. Most people seem to like the 25 or 64 versions but 200 is my pick. I think I would have used it a lot if I lived in the USA. It was expensive to use it in Australia; I had to buy it from the USA & then send it there for processing plus return postage. I’m glad that I did use a reasonable amount as this film, in fact all Kodachrome, is now extinct. It had to be processed in a particular chemistry line and once Kodak decided to discontinue the film that also meant the end of the chemistry. December 31st 2010 was the final day for processing. This shot is one from my last 20 rolls, exposed late November, early December. It was made using a Leica R 6.2 with an 80mm Summilux f/1.4 lens.


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