All my cameras, 6 & 7; Canon 814 Super 8

January 9, 2011

Two generations of the same design. It seems the most desirable Canon Super 8 model was and is the 1014. The 814 is generally regarded as being one rung lower; it doesn’t have the same zoom range or some other pro features, however is still a good unit and available at a more reasonable price.It is called the 814 because the maximum aperture is f/1.4 and it has an 8 times zoom range (7.5 to 60mm).

The photos above are of the later model known as the Auto Zoom 814 Electronic. The photos below are of the earlier 1970s model designated as the Auto Zoom 814. One key difference is that the earlier model used two 1.35 v mercury batteries to operate the light meter and these are no longer made. You can adapt hearing aid batteries or simply use an external meter. Otherwise it uses AA batteries to run the motor and zoom. The later 814 Electronic took four AA batteries and the meter works off these.

One thing I liked about the older model is that it has a viewfinder shutter to prevent light entering the camera via the viewfinder. I found this useful for doing long takes with the camera on a tripod where I had no need to keep my eye to the finder. I started out with the older one and used it with Kodacrome and T64. Results were very good and then I picked up the later version and used it for most of my filming. I shot a wide range of emulsions in this camera; Vision 200 and 500 neg film, Kodachrome, T64, E100. This was all for my ‘Landmarks From Home’ project for which I also used Single 8 film. Everything was shot silent at 18fps locked off on a tripod so I never used any of the more obscure functions such as single frame and variable shutter.


One Response to “All my cameras, 6 & 7; Canon 814 Super 8”

  1. i have a very similar one to this……ebay, broken!! and a minolta super 8 that looks like it came straight from the box….very special

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