The first book in the library

January 15, 2011

I belong to several libraries and always have a few books out. When I’m at a library I’m usually around the 700 and 800 sections looking for books about art, photography and biographies. The other day I was heading for the 100 section and on the way I noticed the shelves starting at 001. I’d never given much thought to the idea that a library has a beginning and it occurred to me to check what the very first book in the library was. In this case it was the book shown above – 001 GAM ‘What We Can Never Know’ by David Gamez.

I borrowed it because it was the first book (at least on that day) and I had started thinking about going to different libraries and making a record of the first book in each. Now I’m wondering if I should find the last book as well. However I like the idea of the first book; it makes me think about how things start, how every structure or process has a beginning.  The book itself looks interesting – it’s about the limits of knowledge, written by an English university professor.


4 Responses to “The first book in the library”

  1. V. Says:

    Does a library have a beginning? that reminds me of ‘The library of Babel’ by Borges

  2. Nasir Hamid Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed browsing through your blog just now. I especially like your photography and appreciate the tech notes you include.

    I just got a Speed Graphic and hope to use it this weekend if it stops raining.


    • whystoptime Says:

      Thanks for your kind words. You may already know these, but in case you don’t, & the are useful resources for large format film photography. I had a look at your site & you are doing some good work with medium format and seem to have an affinity for the square frame. I used to have a Rollei 6008 but sold it as it wasn’t getting much use. I sort of like the idea of having a Mamiya 6 as a walk around square frame camera.

      • Nasir Hamid Says:

        Thanks for the url’s. I do visit those sites but usually from Google searches instead of general browsing. I should change that.
        I think I tend to reach for my 6×6 Mamiya C330 most when doing street portraits because of its size, weight and because it looks cool with its twin lenses. Having a cool looking camera increases my chances of someone agreeing to be photographed, I think.

        If only the Mamiya 6 wasn’t so expensive! Out of all of my cameras the one that has given me consistently great results is the Mamiya RZ67. It’s a true workhorse.

        When are you going to do some more shots on 10×8 or with your 5×4? I just got a Speed Graphic this week and I love it 🙂

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