Memory Slip

March 19, 2011

This is something I noticed inside a library book – a gridded sheet of paper for readers to leave a mark indicating that they have read it. I presume this is meant for older people who might forget they had already read something & only realise once they were into the first chapter. This was in a large print novel, in fact a Maigret story by Georges Simenon. I like the Maigret stories, however there are a lot of them and I’m sure it’s possible to lose track. What I found most interesting was the various marks that people used. Most are scribbles or initials; one person has a wheelchair symbol while another has a green clover stamp – obviously one of those sensible, organised types.I’m trying to think of a symbol that I can use – something that works in a small white square.


2 Responses to “Memory Slip”

  1. Siobhan Says:

    I love this, it’s like a little secret community in the library and you can see who likes the same books as you. Very cool.

  2. whystoptime Says:

    Good point – there is some extra information appended to the book about it’s borrowing history. I always liked looking at the date stamps that would show when & how often a book had been borrowed. That no longer happens with electronic checkout.

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