Lith printing

June 19, 2011

Some recent photos, winter in Sydney. Using Kodak Tri-X film in a Diana 120 plastic camera. This is an original 1970s Diana, not the recent remake. It gives 16 frames per roll. Exposure is limited – the shutter speeds are a choice between B (bulb) and I (about 1/125 sec I think). There are 3 aperture settings indicated by symbols such as sun and cloud. Research suggests the apertures are all quite small, ranging from f/11 to f/19. I use a hand held Sekonic light meter to judge correct exposure. For the photo above I was two stops under at the widest aperture so I processed the film as if it had been exposed at 1600, ie a 2 stop push. Knowing I was going to do this I tried to expose the rest of the roll around the same level.The film was developed in Adonal (the Rodinal replacement) at 1:50 for 18.5 minutes at 20 deg C.

The images were printed on Foma 123 B&W paper processed in Rollei Vintage lith developer at a dilution of about 1+1+20. Temp was approx 25 deg C & the image took around 15 minutes to complete developing, partly because I had been printing for a couple of hours and the developer was becoming exhausted. The photo below was also made using the Diana and Tri-X however this roll was processed at 800.


One Response to “Lith printing”

  1. sally thorp Says:

    really like the look of these images

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