Teapin class

July 3, 2011

Thurs CC2. HP5 in Chinese tea pinhole camera. Approx 70 min exposure, processed in Xtol 40:60 (400ml dev and 600ml water) 11 min at 20 deg.

Sat CC2. HP5 for about 90 minutes. Xtol 4:6 12 minutes at 20 deg.

Sunday CC1, about 90 minutes exposure, HP5 4×5, Xtol 400+600 12 mins at 20 deg.

Monday CC1, week 4. Ninety minute exposure, processed in Xtol 4:6 for 10 minutes.

Mon CC1, class 5


One Response to “Teapin class”

  1. nathan Says:

    These came up great Michael!

    Thanks alot for your effort in the classes

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