Foma 112 lith print

July 4, 2011

I was in the darkroom testing various papers for lith printing with Rollei Vintage lith developer. Tried Foma 123, Emaks Varycon and Slavich grade 3. Foma 123 was best; Slavich was interesting but huge mushy grain, Varycon I didn’t much like as the grain had an exaggerated horizontal pattern. Ben had just bought some Foma 112 & kindly gave me a couple of sheets to try. I like the look it gives, the grain is prominent, but small and sharp. The blacks were a bit weak, perhaps I pulled the prints too soon. This one had a few minutes in Selenium toner, didn’t make a big difference, slightly deeper dark tones when compared to the untoned control print. However this Selenium might be a bit old and weak. Will try again later with a fresh batch.

Taken with an old Diana, Tri-X pushed one stop in Adonal 1:50


3 Responses to “Foma 112 lith print”

  1. Anne Norman Says:

    Amazing! Love the curved effect…

  2. ang156 Says:

    Hi, love your blog, love the experimentation.

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