Hand Colouring

September 30, 2011

The photo was made using a 90mm f/2.8 lens on a Pentax 67 camera. Film was 400, forget if it was Fuji or Kodak. Printed on Foma 123 velvet stipple type paper. This print was developed in Dektol and was made as a control print for lith developing. You find the correct print time for the paper in Dektol then open the enlarger lens up 3 stops at the same time to make the print that goes in the lith developer. Later I decided to hand colour the straight print. The colouring was done with the traditional Marshall’s Photo Oils. I like them because they have nice colours, are easy to apply and make corrections if necessary. The paint was applied with cotton buds and cotton wool balls. I think it took a few hours, but I wasn’t rushing.


2 Responses to “Hand Colouring”

  1. Paolo Bonello Says:

    It’s quite beautiful. The hue’s and tone you applied are dreamy! I am very taken by this process. Would love to see more.

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