Diana, Pan F, Xtol

February 28, 2012



Feb 2012 went to the city around 2pm to see the Picasso exhibition at AGNSW. I was using a 1970s Diana plastic camera with Ilford Pan F 50 ISO film. I’ve had very little experience with Pan F and wanted to give it a trial. I assumed 50 ISO would expose OK in the Diana on a sunny day, based on Sunny 16. Sunny 16 says the exposure should be f/16 at 1/50. The Diana has three apertures, f/11, f/13 and f/19. I thought the shutter speed was 1/100, so I should have been alright at the widest aperture.

I exposed 3 or 4 rolls and processed one as a test in Xtol 1:1 for whatever time was given by the massive Dev Chart. On inspection the film was very thin, at least 2 stops under. I looked up the times for a 2 stop push and did the next roll for 15 minutes in Xtol 1:2. No particular reason for the different dilution. The shadows were still thin but the highlights had been recovered so this is how I processed the remaining rolls. The scans above are from the pushed rolls, essentially Pan F 50 at 200 ISO.

I’m now treating the Diana shutter speed as being 1/200 rather than 1/100. That is for my specific model – the speeds are known to vary between cameras. I have also used some Tri-X and Tmax 400 on sunny days at f/19 with good results.


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