Life Drawing Week 1

April 27, 2012

30 second quick sketches; did fifteen or so to get started.

Roughly blocking in the overall shape with the edge of a stick of willow charcoal, then refining by marking edges and making highlights with an eraser. This was about 5 minutes each from memory.

This was the next quick shape drawing, there were thirteen students in the class and we’d been working on ours for a few minutes when the teacher gave a surprise instruction – everyone leave their drawing and move clockwise to the easel next to you. There, make some additions to that drawing or perhaps remove something with an eraser. So we each worked on 12 other peoples drawings, just for 15 or so seconds and then moving to the next one; so my drawing above was touched by twelve other people after me. I like those sort of exercises, it teaches us to loosen up and not be so precious about the work.


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