Council Chuck Out

June 9, 2012

Some old clothes I found in a plastic bag. Some of these I used to wear a lot and had probably hung onto for sentimental reasons. It had been a long time since I’d seen them and they were obviously never going to be worn again so I put them out for the fortnightly council collection. Above are two green cotton knit shirts from Status Symbol, who used to have a shop on Oxford St, Paddington, back in the days when it was the main Sydney street for clothes shops. I bought these in the mid ’90s and wore them a lot. The black shirt with wide red stripes was bought from Dangerfield in Prahran on one of my rare trips to Melbourne.

Below are a blue and a white shirt that I bought from the Emile Lafourie shop when I was in Paris in 2000. I wore them when I had an office job. I don’t recall the brand of the beige shirt, I think it was another of the small labels around in Sydney in the ’90s. The running shoes are from the late ’90s to early 2000s, not sure if they are completely worn out but I’m wearing newer shoes these days, so don’t see the point of having the closet clogged up with stuff that isn’t going to be used.

The hard thing is knowing when a useful items time is up. I think there is some logic to keeping things hanging around for a bit until it is certain. I even started to wonder if some of the shirts were old enough to have become collectable. The Status Symbol shirts are nearly 20 years old – does that qualify them as vintage? Is there a movement to collect ’90s clothing that I haven’t heard about? Perhaps people who make clothes for theatre and movies would like them to use as patterns if they needed to make authentic looking clothes for a production set in the ’90s. I thought about all those things but didn’t really have the time to follow up, so I just put them all on the street for collection.


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