Pinhole Haircut, May 2012

June 24, 2012

I made this photo in May 2012 – my regular pinhole exposure as I get my hair cut. I generally put the camera in the room but this time as I was sitting outside waiting for the previous client to finish, I had the idea to place the camera looking in from outside. The exposure was 15 minutes, the usual time it takes for the haircut. I’d lost track of what film was in the camera but thought it was most likely to be Kodak Tmax 100 which usually exposes well for the haircuts. When I went to process the film I found it was Tmax 400, so had certainly been over-exposed. I haven’t used much Tmax 400 and didn’t have any first hand experience in how to pull the film for this situation. I have liked the results from Tmax in Adonal recently, so that was going to be the developer. I based my times on the Massive Dev Chart database, which gives 10 minutes at 1+50 at 400 and 8 minutes at 200. I processed for 8 mins, even though I had exposed at 100 as I have found from past experience that pulling the process too much can give thinner negs than expected. I would rather err on the side of denser, but usable negs. The neg is somewhat dense but perfectly printable and scannable.


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