Life Drawing, week 9

June 26, 2012

I missed week 8 as I had some paid teaching work on. Above is the quick sketches we started with. I think the poses were 90 seconds, or 2 minutes each, and the instruction was to start at the bottom of the page and work across and up, and to try and make the end result an interesting combination, as opposed to separate, isolated sketches. One thing I often do that irritates me is to start with figures of one size, e.g. small, but then start drawing much bigger without intending to.Also, quick sketches should be much looser than this.

Above was a group drawing. From memory it was 10 minutes total; I started by drawing for a minute, then moved to the next easel to continue someone else’s drawing, while other people added to mine. So this would have been continued by nine people after me. Her head really couldn’t be seen from this point of view.

Above was fifteen minutes with willow charcoal, starting by quickly blocking in the overall shape, and then refining with lines, erasure and darker tones.

Above was three 15 minute drawings, to be done next to each other, with the model changing pose. I made a slight mistake in that I had decided to work with a smaller board than usual, which meant I had to fold the big sheets of paper in half. I thought I had it worked out for this one, then realised on the second drawing that the paper fold was running down the middle, however it didn’t make any real difference to the drawing.

These notes about the life drawing classes are mostly for my benefit, to keep track of my progress and the ideas being explored. Because I am quite disorganised with the actual drawings it is useful to have some structure here.


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