Life Drawing, Term 3, Week 1

July 25, 2012

The task was to first draw the outline of the life model and then to draw the skeleton inside to proportion. This was done with a General’s Primo Euro Blend 3B pencil. My figure outline is faint compared to the skeleton – I should have revised it later. Also there was some mismatch between the arms of the model and the skeleton that I would have fixed if I’d had more time. Still, it was very interesting as it’s the first time I’ve looked into anatomy.

I started putting selected drawings here as a way to track my progress. Most of them end up in a pile in the boot of my car and after a while I have no idea when they were done, assuming I can even find them. All the previous drawings were from term two – it only just occurred to me that I need to start noting the term as well as the week.


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