Life Drawing, T3W4

August 18, 2012

Quick sketches done with the left hand, graphite in a plastic holder.

The main exercise of the day was building up the image by drawing the small shapes, similar to a negative space approach. Rather than drawing the big positive shapes such as the figure, we were looking for an accumulation of the small, in-between areas. For example I began the drawing with the shape that is bounded by the model’s neck and lower shoulder, part of a dais, a plinth, and the top edge of the table. It was uncomfortable as I am so used to seeing the big shapes, and several times I did fall into the trap of drawing big positives. However it is a good exercise to learn how to see all the elements of the picture plane as connected rather than separate pieces. This was done with a Primo Euro Blend charcoal pencil in three 20 minute sessions.

With a bit of spare time at the end I did a second quick one with biro. Interesting to do the exercise again and try a different medium.


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