All my cameras, 11 – Zero Image 2000 pinhole

September 30, 2012

One of my favourite cameras is this Chinese made Zero Image 2000, a pinhole camera that makes 6×6 images. I bought this one second hand from a person who wasn’t making much use of it. He had modified it from how it was originally sold by removing the sliding shutter and replacing that with a 52mm step up ring and matching lens cap. I probably wouldn’t have thought of doing this myself, however it is a good idea. I’ve heard from people who have the standard camera that the sliding shutter can move if the camera is loose in a bag, causing unwanted exposures. I’ve never had a problem with the lens cap coming off, and having the filter thread also allows me to use filters such as red and neutral density.

It’s a small, lightweight camera, easy to carry and easy to place in a variety of positions. This flexibility gives me ideas about trying new points of view, such as sticking velcro strips to the back of the camera so I can attach it to a ceiling looking down on a room. There is a tripod socket in the base of the camera, pretty essential as pinhole exposures are generally long. I also have a cheap magic arm accessory that has a tripod fitting at one end and a clamp at the other for attaching the camera to various items.


4 Responses to “All my cameras, 11 – Zero Image 2000 pinhole”

  1. I always enjoy seeing images of a worn, well used Zero Image pinhole. Those little wooden boxes sure can take a beating and keep on going can’t they? Interesting fix to the issue of the sliding shutter opening in a bag every so often. Personally I just tape mine secure. Either works though.

  2. jojonas~ Says:

    seems like a well worn camera!
    simple but elegant solution with the shutter replacement. and the velcro is interesting… do you put velcro strips on the roof of a room to get it to stick?

    • whystoptime Says:

      The velcro is 3M Command strips and yes, I use them to stick the camera to ceilings, I’ve done that dozens of times.

      • jojonas~ Says:

        cool. I’d worry too much about ruining the ceiling with the tape before trying that myself. hm.. maybe I’ll look into those command strips

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