Old Instant Film

October 9, 2012

I could call it Polaroid as that was the generic name for all instant film, but these were made with the Fuji material, FP 100 C. These are all from the late ’90s – test shots made with a Polaroid back on my Rollei 6008 camera. The prints have been lying in the open in a garage for years, fading and getting progressively dirtier. There comes a point where you have to give up any hope of rescuing them, and embrace the deterioration.

1998. I was making B&W portraits of this guy around the block of flats where he lived at Double Bay. We took some in the laundry room on the roof and then he had the idea to do this pose, which was a stretch from when he was a swimmer. We just did the instant test and then his wife turned up wanting him to do something, so never got around to the film shot. Shame, because I thought it had some potential. Looking at it now I would have framed a bit wider and have him move closer to the camera to put some space between him and the wall.

1998, self portrait. I’d only recently bought the 6008 and was using it a lot to get used to it. It was my first medium format camera.

Interior detail of an old factory studio space I had in Redfern around 1999.


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