All my cameras, 13 – Argus 110 MT Instamatic

November 16, 2012

I bought this camera seven or eight years back when I became interested in 110 Instamatic photography. 110 was a small format film introduced in the 1970s, designed for people who didn’t know anything about photography – the amateur snapshot market. The film was enclosed in a plastic cartridge to protect it being ruined by silly mistakes such as opening the camera part way through a roll. There were some cameras with advanced features, such as the Pentax Auto 110, but most were as simple as the camera shown here. This camera is about as point and shoot as you can get. Slide the camera open to reveal the lens. Select a switch that gives a wide or narrow angle of view. Turn the flash on or off. Point and shot. The idea was that you would only photograph outdoors in sun, and indoors with the flash. These simple cameras don’t have light meters; the lens has a fixed point of focus and there is one aperture and one shutter speed – a bit like Holgas and Dianas. If there is enough light, or close enough, then the exposure latitude of film will ensure a usable image. It’s a clever, simple concept, and it worked, because tens of millions of these cameras were sold in the 1970s. The film was still easy to find when I got this camera but supply seems to have dried up now – it doesn’t seem that anyone is making 110 or 126 film anymore. It’s a shame because these cameras are fun to use and the images have a lot of charm. One reason I bought this particular model was the fake wood trim which reminded me of a station wagon we had when I was a child.


3 Responses to “All my cameras, 13 – Argus 110 MT Instamatic”

  1. Found similar model in local flea market: Argus Formula 110S
    Argus Formula 110S

  2. Pontus König Says:

    Hi, if you haven’t heard about it yet. Lomography is selling 110-film if you want to give it a go again. I don’t know if it’s any good but it’s fresh and quite cheap. 🙂

    • whystoptime Says:

      Hi, yes I heard about that. I have a reel to process 110 film so I want to get some of the black and white film as I can develop it myself.

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