Zero Haircut – October 2012

November 22, 2012

I made this pinhole exposure in early October, when I last had my hair cut. It’s now a tradition that I do this and fortunately the guy who cuts my hair is relaxed about it. I want to have a different view each time, so on this occasion I had the camera on a tripod outside, looking in. (He works in a converted garage in his back garden.) I was a bit worried about some of the technical aspects, such as – would I even be visible, or would window reflections overwhelm the interior; or if the frame would be overexposed due to being done outside rather than the usual interior exposure. I took a punt and did it, as that is the only way to find out. The film was Tmax 100, exposure was about 15 minutes, processed in Maco RO9 (same as Rodinal, Adonal etc) for 12 mins, 1+50 dilution at 20 degrees C.


One Response to “Zero Haircut – October 2012”

  1. I like the notion of capturing your trips to the barber with a pinhole camera set in different locations. I’ve often thought of doing something similar but have never asked my barber if it was OK. Perhaps next time I will.

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