Foma 200 vs Ilford FP4, part B

November 13, 2013

suzuki fp4 foma side by side

Another side by side test of Ilford FP4 and Foma 200 in 4×5. Based on the first test I wanted a subject with a wide tonal range and some fine detail. My neighbour’s motorbike was photographed in open shade on a cloudy day, which was helpful for such a high contrast subject. Both films were rated at ISO 100 and given the same exposure in a Chamonix 4×5 camera with a Rodenstock Apo Sironar N 150mm lens. They were processed soon after in Rodinal 1+50, however I changed the times used in the first comparison, giving the Foma a longer dev of 10 minutes, and less time to the FP4, 14 minutes rather than 15 as given by the Massive Dev Chart. Again, the differences are obvious to the naked eye with the Ilford film showing more shadow detail and more highlight density than the Foma. Overall I would describe the Ilford as looking rich and easy to work with and the Foma as looking a bit thin. They are both easy to scan and adjust for decent results however the Ilford looks like it would be much easier to print in the darkroom. Cropping in to a small area shows again that the Ilford has higher resolution than Foma. Click the images to view full size.

suzuki fp4 vs foma fine detail


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