Library books, Jan 2014

February 26, 2014


28 items out at the end of January, 26 books and 2 audio books. I’d never really looked at the AV section but recently I had the idea it would be a good idea to listen to audio books in the car, probably inspired by listening to podcasts. I can’t stand listening to the radio anymore – radio in Sydney is awful. Listening to audio books is also quite efficient – some of the readings of classics like The Iliad, Aeneid, Odyssey etc go for ten hours or more, but as I spend approximately one hour a day in my car I can get through one of these epics in a week or two. Sometimes I have already read the book but the live reading gives it a different feeling. I’ve become quite conscious of certain aspects of the readings, such as how the reader handles rhythm and character vocalisation. I prefer the reader to be fairly neutral in tone and consistent in rhythm, and not to go over the top with character voices. One reading of The Iliad I found unlistenable as the narrator performed it like amateur theatre – speeding up and slowing down, raising and lowering his voice, and putting on the most absurd character voices. It is my understanding that the Greek and Roman classics were to be recited with a consistent pace due to the dactylic hexameter structure, leading to the epic feel. Another minor annoyance is when a Greek classic is translated with Roman names for the Gods, e.g. the reading of the Odyssey used Jove rather than Zeuss. The best one I have listened to so far is The Aeneid of Virgil translated by W.F. Jackson Knight and read by Frederick Davidson.


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