Garth Knight ‘Nemeton’ at Performance Space, Carriageworks

November 13, 2015

Nemeton was a durational performative installation by Garth Knight that ran over five days at Carriageworks, Sydney as part of the Performance Space Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art in October 2015. I was there to watch the event, but I took a light camera kit with me in case there was an opportunity to make some photos. At times like this I often put the Canon EF 40mm pancake lens on the 6D as I like this focal length and the compact size of the lens makes the combination relatively small and light. I arrived earlier than I expected so had some time to look around the general area as well as inside Carriageworks. I lived across the road years ago when it was still a railway workshop so it’s always interesting for me to visit here and see what has changed and what is the same. The light was good as it was one of the extended sunsets we get in Sydney during spring.

_MG_6430 blog

_MG_6393 blog

_MG_6452 email blog

Garth Knight preparing for that night’s performance. In a couple of hours a person will be bound into this structure.

_MG_6432 blog

_MG_6733 email blog

After hours of binding the person is part of the structure. It was fascinating to watch Garth at work – he required intense concentration to ensure every knot and strand of rope was done correctly, yet the process was also quite meditative, or perhaps trance like. It must have been amazing to be the person who was bound – to surrender yourself to the process and become part of the structure of rope, stone and wood.

_MG_6625 email blog

Wide view from outside.

_MG_6657 blog

Carriageworks evening.


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