4×5 project, August 2016 #2

August 21, 2016

For the second day I decided to start working through my remaining stock of Foma 200. I hadn’t used this film for a while but remembered that I had to expose it at 100 ISO. I had also done a comparison with FP4 and found that I got more shadow detail with FP4 in Rodinal so I lost interest in the Foma. I should get some more and try it in a developer that gives more shadow detail, but these days I prefer to use films that work well in Rodinal. If I do try another Foma film it will probably be the 100 anyway, because I have never used that.

4x5 foma200 210mm kurraba

This is Foma 200 rated at 100 and processed for 9.5 minutes in Rodinal 1+50 inverting in a Paterson tank with the MOD54 holder. I did four sheets together, with one liter of water and 20ml dev. Agitate the first 30 seconds then 3 inversions each minute. The lens was a Symmar 210mm.

4x5 foma200 house water 210mm

Same details as above. I did feel that 9.5 minutes was too much and decided to try and find a better time as I worked through the remaining sheets.


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