4×5 project, August 2016 #3

August 21, 2016

On the third day (not necessarily consecutive days) I went to a park by the harbour and exposed four sheets of Adox CHS II, another film of which I’ve had a partial box hanging around for a while. Sometimes I buy films to try out of curiosity, expose ten or so sheets and then move on to something else. Now I’ve decided that I don’t want these partial boxes hanging around. I keep them in a fridge but eventually they will develop base fog if left for years. Even if they don’t fog I will have forgotten how to use them in regard to exposure and development. So as part of this project I will use up all these films, have a good look at them and decide whether I like them enough to buy more. At the moment, the only film that is a 100% certainty is Ilford FP4.

4x5 CHS2 210mm

I bought a box of 25 sheets of the Adox CHS II back in 2013 when it first came out. I liked it then and I still do, however I find it very similar to Ilford FP4. I will do some side by side testing of the two films to see if I can discern any differences – I’ve read where Adox say it should be apparent in portraits of people with fair skin, and landscapes with blue skies and clouds. If I can see a difference I might buy more, otherwise I can’t see any reason to, particularly as I can buy FP4 for a better price. Still, well done to Adox for producing a new emulsion that works well and looks good. This park exposure was made with a Symmar 210mm at f/45 on a Chamonix 045N2 camera. Processed for 9 minutes at 20 degrees in Rodinal 1+50 – the same time I use for FP4.

4x5 CHS2 210mm branches

Symmar 210mm at f/5.6


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