4×5 project, August 2016 #5

August 27, 2016

4x5 day5 foma200 nas 210mm sun

Down to the final eight sheets, here is where I felt I had figured out Foma 200 and started to like it. This is rated at 100 and processed in Rodinal 1+50 for 8 minutes. Four sheets in a MOD54 holder in a 3 reel Paterson tank. Gentle agitation first 30 seconds, then 3 inversions per minute. In my normal processing these subsequent inversions take 10 seconds, however with the gentle agitation I use with MOD54, to stop sheets dislodging, it takes 15 seconds. Have not had any sheets move with this approach. The lens was a Symmar 210mm at f/32 at 1/8 second, using a fair bit of front rise, this lens has good coverage. It was another frustrating day for testing with the sky being about 70% clouds that gave flat light, then occasionally breaking to give direct sun as seen above. The scan below was from a sheet exposed a few minutes after the one above, when the clouds had settled back in. Shows why overcast flat light is no good for testing.

4x5 day5 foma 200 nas shade 210mm


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