4×5 project, August 2016 #7

September 19, 2016

A simple comparison between Ilford FP4 and Adox CHS II. The films were processed separately as I decided that the CHS II needs a bit more than the FP4 – 9.5 mins vs 9 min in Rodinal 1+50


Above is Ilford FP4 in Chamonix 045N2 with Symmar 210mm.

Below is Adox CHS II everything else the same.


Similar tonality however on the scan I noticed a blotchiness in the sky on the CHS. Nothing to do with the camera as the FP4 was exposed at the same time with the same lens. It’s also not a developing problem as I have another sheet of CHS II processed at the same time that doesn’t show the blotchiness. Detail example below.



Ilford FP4 and Symmar 210mm above, compared to CHS II below. FP4 is a bit more contrasty, however with more development tweaking I’m sure I could make these films look the same. Based on that I will continue to use FP4 and probably won’t buy CHS II again. Not because it’s a bad film, but because I want to simplify to just a few films. There is a fair bit of front rise used on all these shots. I really like the Symmar 210mm as it has plenty of image circle for movements.




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