Photobooks at ACP Gallery

October 6, 2016


The Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) is running an exhibition curated by Daniel Boetker-Smith, the director of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive. The show is on until 15th October at 118 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney. There are 40 books from the Archive that can be looked through by visitors, as well as an exhibition of the project Thai Politics no.3 by photographer Miti Ruangkritya. I interviewed Daniel for the ACP and you can read it at the ACP website. We talked about the Archive, photobooks in general, as well as the Asia-Pacific region. The APPA is a great idea, well run, and is sure to be of increasing significance as the collection grows and as the region changes. There are some amazing books on display – as Daniel said, it amounts to 40 bodies of work, something impossible for a gallery to display in traditional exhibition format.

Below is a view of the space, showing Thai Politics no.3, which is photographs of defaced election posters from Bangkok in 2011.





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