Life Drawing 2013 T1 W6

March 24, 2013

I was trying Bleedproof paper for the first time because it was suggested as a good match with the charcoal pencils I use. The pencil flows smoothly over the paper, making cartridge seem rough by comparison. I still draw mostly with the left hand as it makes me look more carefully at what I’m drawing. I also like the scribbly line that comes from me trying to control the pencil. This was twenty minutes, about 90% left hand.

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Life Drawing, T4W7

December 4, 2012

2012 t4 w7 contour blog


The idea was to draw with line, no tone, and to indicate the contours of the body such that if we had to go home and the carve the figure from wood the drawing would be a good guide. I did this 70% with my left hand as I find this slows me down enough to have the eye and hand working together. The drawing was done with pencil but I can’t remember which type.

Life Drawing, T3W4

August 18, 2012

Quick sketches done with the left hand, graphite in a plastic holder.

The main exercise of the day was building up the image by drawing the small shapes, similar to a negative space approach. Rather than drawing the big positive shapes such as the figure, we were looking for an accumulation of the small, in-between areas. For example I began the drawing with the shape that is bounded by the model’s neck and lower shoulder, part of a dais, a plinth, and the top edge of the table. It was uncomfortable as I am so used to seeing the big shapes, and several times I did fall into the trap of drawing big positives. However it is a good exercise to learn how to see all the elements of the picture plane as connected rather than separate pieces. This was done with a Primo Euro Blend charcoal pencil in three 20 minute sessions.

With a bit of spare time at the end I did a second quick one with biro. Interesting to do the exercise again and try a different medium.

Life Drawing, T3W3

August 8, 2012

This was only one week ago but I can’t remember what the exercise was. I think these were 5 or 10 minute drawings, line only, probably looking more at the model than the drawing. One thing the tutor always tells me is that it’s alright to draw over the original mark if you are correcting a line that is obviously wrong, but avoid just mindlessly drawing over and around the original line in the hope that by chance it will improve.

This was about one hour with willow charcoal, looking at tones and edges. The model poses for 20 minutes then gets a break. I can see a few problems with this one but overall I’m pleased with it.

Life Drawing, T3W2

August 8, 2012

Some interesting exercises from week 2. I think these were 5 min poses drawn with Generals Primo Euro blend charcoal pencil. One exercise was to look at the model for one minute and then turn our backs and draw from memory for 5 minutes. The key concept being to pay attention to what you are actually seeing, rather than inventing and adding stuff. This lead on to more 5 min drawings looking at the model more than at the paper.

5 minutes, keeping eye on model more than the drawing.

Six 5 minute drawings, overlapping the different poses, using simple lines

The task was to first draw the outline of the life model and then to draw the skeleton inside to proportion. This was done with a General’s Primo Euro Blend 3B pencil. My figure outline is faint compared to the skeleton – I should have revised it later. Also there was some mismatch between the arms of the model and the skeleton that I would have fixed if I’d had more time. Still, it was very interesting as it’s the first time I’ve looked into anatomy.

I started putting selected drawings here as a way to track my progress. Most of them end up in a pile in the boot of my car and after a while I have no idea when they were done, assuming I can even find them. All the previous drawings were from term two – it only just occurred to me that I need to start noting the term as well as the week.

Life Drawing T2 Wk10

July 22, 2012

In the final class of term 2 we did a portrait rather than the usual figure. This was charcoal, about 45 minutes I think. I did better than I expected as I’ve made very few attempts at drawing portraits and generally have no idea where to start, or any plan to follow. The main thing I can see wrong with it now is that some of the tonal transitions are a bit harsh.