Some photos I made at the opening of the exhibition “Fear of Forgetting” at contact sheet gallery. The exhibition was curated by Steven Cavanagh and Paul McDonald. I have some work in this show which I will discuss in another post. The exhibition opened on the 21st of Feb 2016 and runs until March 5th. The gallery is open 11-5 Wed to Saturday at 60 Atchison street, St Leonards.

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Opening speech by Michael Snelling, Director of the National Art School.

paul speech_MG_1800 copy

Speech by Paul McDonald, Director of contact sheet and co-curator of the exhibition.

room_MG_1886 copy

General view of the space.

crowd_MG_1892 copy

Looking in the other direction.

cav_MG_1837 copy

Speech by co-curator Steven Cavanagh

sandra_MG_1911 copy

Artist Sandra Kontos discussing her work.

discussion_MG_1744 copy

Steven Cavanagh discussing work with visitors.

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The Alchemists: Rediscovering Photography in the Age of the Jpeg, is an exhibition that examines the resurgence of interest in analogue photographic techniques in contemporary art. I photographed the opening event at the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP). The exhibition runs from Oct 30 until December 6th 2015.

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The Alchemists curators Martyn Jolly and Cherine Fahd.

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Left, Benjamin Stone-Herbert, exhibiting artist in the Alchemists, with ACP staffer Brenton Smith

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Diego Ibanez and Andrew Stockdale.

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Nemeton was a durational performative installation by Garth Knight that ran over five days at Carriageworks, Sydney as part of the Performance Space Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art in October 2015. I was there to watch the event, but I took a light camera kit with me in case there was an opportunity to make some photos. At times like this I often put the Canon EF 40mm pancake lens on the 6D as I like this focal length and the compact size of the lens makes the combination relatively small and light. I arrived earlier than I expected so had some time to look around the general area as well as inside Carriageworks. I lived across the road years ago when it was still a railway workshop so it’s always interesting for me to visit here and see what has changed and what is the same. The light was good as it was one of the extended sunsets we get in Sydney during spring.

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_MG_6393 blog

_MG_6452 email blog

Garth Knight preparing for that night’s performance. In a couple of hours a person will be bound into this structure.

_MG_6432 blog

_MG_6733 email blog

After hours of binding the person is part of the structure. It was fascinating to watch Garth at work – he required intense concentration to ensure every knot and strand of rope was done correctly, yet the process was also quite meditative, or perhaps trance like. It must have been amazing to be the person who was bound – to surrender yourself to the process and become part of the structure of rope, stone and wood.

_MG_6625 email blog

Wide view from outside.

_MG_6657 blog

Carriageworks evening.

I documented this event for ACP with a Canon 6D and 24-70 lens, trying to give an overall sense of the occasion – location, people, speeches, light, interactions.

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Half outside, half inside. I wanted a photo that showed it was spring and that violet hour was happening around 7pm.

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Sponsor’s wine. I don’t drink so can’t comment on it.

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A couple of speeches that were fast and fun.

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A wide range of student work on display.

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_MG_5268 copy blog

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The event was well attended with a diverse crowd of students, family and friends.

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Cheese plate at the start, and at the end.

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contact sheet is a photographic exhibition and work space located at St Leonards, Sydney. Paul McDonald is the founder and director of this space and to celebrate the first year of operation he co-curated an exhibition with Sandy Edwards of Arthere. The exhibition was called “Decisive Moment”, not however the Cartier-Bresson concept, in this case the idea was to select 39 photographers who would then choose what they regarded as a photograph that was decisive in the formation of their personal style. A great idea – the curators choose the artists but leave it up to them to choose the work. There was a broad selection across young and old; established and emerging; fine art, commercial, photojournalism and personal work. Some exhibitions are tightly curated with nothing left to chance, others, like this one, leave a lot to chance which can be risky but also allows for something special to happen which was the case with Decisive Moment. The exhibition has been extended until the 21st of November, opening hours and address can be found at the contact sheet website.

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One of the first photos I took at the event – two legends of Australian culture, photographer William Yang talking with collage artist Jim Anderson, standing in front of Anderson’s work in the exhibition, a collage related to Martin Sharp. Jim Anderson has a fascinating website, viewable here.

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It was pretty busy as the event was both the exhibition opening and a celebration of the first year of contact sheet.

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Christian Blanchard with his work, which was a colour contact sheet of a roll of film he shot as an emerging photographer. I love looking at contact sheets, there is something fascinating about seeing a photographer’s conceptual decisions physically linked within the discipline of 36 frames.

_MG_3077 copy blog

contact sheet director Paul McDonald with William Yang in front of William’s work, a classic frame that was included in his legendary 1980s book “Sydney Diary”.

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I felt a bit like this after running around photographing for hours.

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There are two exhibition spaces divided by a long common wall. These are the people still there an hour after the official finish time.

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I wasn’t commissioned to shoot this event, I went as a guest and photographed whatever I felt like, which is enjoyable. This night was an exhibition opening for two photographers, Sergio Leyva Seiglie and Fraser Crichton, as well as to celebrate the conclusion of a three month mentorship program for young people that contact sheet ran in partnership with Flashpoint Labs. contact sheet is a photographic space at 60 Atchison St, St Leonards.

contactsheet sergio opening blog_MG_9982 copy

The crowd and the space

contactsheet sergio opening blog_MG_9955 copy

contactsheet sergio opening blog_MG_0095 copy

One of the Flashpoint participants.

contactsheet sergio opening blog_MG_0143 copy

I like shoes and details and there were some good examples at this event.

contactsheet sergio opening blog_MG_0047 copy

contactsheet sergio opening blog_MG_0084 copy

Franca works for a crystal business and has a good eye for jewellery. The round bracelet is made of hematite, which is a mineral of iron oxide.

In August 2015 I documented the opening night of the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) Term 2 student exhibition. Here are a few of my favourite photographs, and people. All photos were taken with a Canon 6D and vintage 28-70 f/2.8 lens.

acp T2 studentshow blog_MG_8938 copy


acp T2 studentshow blog_MG_8949


acp T2 studentshow blog_MG_8962

Guests & friends

acp T2 student show blog_MG_8953

Going home to Shanghai in two days.