From a 45 released in April 1967, although the song was written in 1965. Great folk rock jangle sound from Davenport, Iowa group The Contents Are. Label was Rok 6709. All info from the essential guide to mid ’60s teenbeat sounds “Teenbeat Mayhem” by Mike Markesich.


Such an incongruous song from Johnny Winter; he never did anything else like this. It has a great mid ’60s pop/psych riff and absurd sub-Dylan lyrics. One authority on Texas music from this era reckons it was a parody, but I’m not sure. I always assumed it was an attempt at authenticity that went off the rails. It was released on the Pacemaker label in Nov 1966 and gets a 6 out of 10 rating in the “Teenbeat Mayhem” discography of ’60s garage 45s.