Library books, December 2016

February 25, 2017


Five books and one audiobook borrowed during December.

Library books, Nov 2016

January 25, 2017


Two books borrowed during November 2016.

Library books, October 2016

December 19, 2016


8 books borrowed during October.

From a 45 released in April 1967, although the song was written in 1965. Great folk rock jangle sound from Davenport, Iowa group The Contents Are. Label was Rok 6709. All info from the essential guide to mid ’60s teenbeat sounds “Teenbeat Mayhem” by Mike Markesich.

Some recent documentation of an exhibition by the great photojournalist David Burnett at the ACP exhibition space at Taylor Square. He has photographed every USA President from JFK to Obama. Many of his photos are textbook examples of creative framing and exposure. The exhibition is at 118 Oxford St, Darlinghurst from 19 October to 12 November 2016. Full details at ACP website. All my documentation photos were made with a Canon 6D and 16-35 and 28-70 Canon lenses. I take all the photos with the picture style set to monochrome as I find that seeing the photo in black and white helps me to control the exposure and tonality without the distraction of colour. Because these are raw files I can work with them as colour photos on the computer.






(still have some film to develop – will update this when complete)


Paper negative exposed when we were looking at basic movements. This was a 210mm Symmar with a lot of front rise on 4×5 Chamonix 045N2



Deardorff 8×10 with 300mm at f/5.6 and some lens swing


detail showing sharp focus on eye and smooth fall off to out of focus.


paper negative version of above. Foma RC rated at EI 6.


paper negative Foma RC rated at EI 6. Deardorff 8×10 with 240mm lens at f/5.6 and some lens swing.


Above, Deardorff 8×10 with 300mm at f/5.6. Below is the same lens at f/32. Obvious light leak at the top of the sheet. I let the students load the film that they are going to expose, and I remember that when I went into the loading room to check this that the bottom flap of the film holder was up, with the darkslide under it rather than inserted into it, so must have happened then. This was the first time they had loaded any sheet film, let alone 8×10, so little mistakes are allowable – this is a learning process.



6 books borrowed during September.