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6 books borrowed during June 2016.

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My documentation of the 2014 spring season exhibitions at ACP – Australian Centre for Photography. There were three exhibitions on simultaneously – Poppy – Trails of Afghan Heroin by Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong, Bedrooms of the Fallen by Ashley Gilbertson and Between Darkness and Light by Jodi Bieber. At night the street screen projection on the front window was After the Apology by Alethia Casey.

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Photo 3 shows the view from the gallery with Ashley Gilbertson photos looking towards front of house and the entrance to the galleries where Poppy was displayed. There is also a wall monitor showing After the Apology by Alethia Casey. Photo 4 shows the view from front of house looking into the Poppy gallery. I was commissioned to take these photos by the ACP and would always bear in mind the briefing I was given by curator Tony Nolan – the documentation photos should show the context of the works and how the various spaces related to each other, such that someone looking in years to come could piece together the overall layout from looking at the photos.

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Poppy was a four channel video projection in the first gallery with an accompanying book displayed in a second gallery along with a map and text panel giving the history of the trail of Afghan heroin around the world.

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Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong were in Sydney for the first week or so of the exhibition and gave a couple of public talks about the work. In one form or another they have been covering this story for decades.

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Photo 9 is similar to photo 3, except it shows the didactic panel for Ashley Gilbertson. Photo 10 is a detail of the work – wide views of the bedrooms of soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. For the ACP I would document every wall from multiple angles as well as many detail photos. These are kept for the centre archives and also supplied to the artists. I’m only showing a small selection here to give an idea of what the season looked like.

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Jodi Bieber exhibition, looking in the direction of the Ashley Gilbertson works.

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Jodi Bieber exhibition looking in the other direction. This gallery had large windows fronting onto Oxford St, Paddington, so the lighting can be a mix of daylight and incandescent in the daytime. Sometimes I would photograph at night for even colour temperature, however there would then be no people to add context.

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Jodi Bieber detail showing window and street view. The white patch on the window was used for the night street screen projections.

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Alethia Casey street screen projection at night.


October 2014 was also the month when the then director and board decided to sell the building at 257 Oxford St that the ACP had occupied for 30 years.


I also documented some aspects of the uninstall.






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11 books borrowed during May.

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Ten books borrowed during April 2016.

2016 march library_MG_3477

16 books borrowed during March.

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One book and three audiobooks borrowed during February.

Some photos I made at the opening of the exhibition “Fear of Forgetting” at contact sheet gallery. The exhibition was curated by Steven Cavanagh and Paul McDonald. I have some work in this show which I will discuss in another post. The exhibition opened on the 21st of Feb 2016 and runs until March 5th. The gallery is open 11-5 Wed to Saturday at 60 Atchison street, St Leonards.

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Opening speech by Michael Snelling, Director of the National Art School.

paul speech_MG_1800 copy

Speech by Paul McDonald, Director of contact sheet and co-curator of the exhibition.

room_MG_1886 copy

General view of the space.

crowd_MG_1892 copy

Looking in the other direction.

cav_MG_1837 copy

Speech by co-curator Steven Cavanagh

sandra_MG_1911 copy

Artist Sandra Kontos discussing her work.

discussion_MG_1744 copy

Steven Cavanagh discussing work with visitors.

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