ACP winter season 2013, exhibition documentation

November 11, 2015

The Australian Centre for Photography 2013 winter season ran from June until August, with exhibitions by Pat Brassington, David Burnett and the continuing project from Robert Besanko. It was also when I started using a Canon 6D, a great camera that I still use in late 2015. Initially I couldn’t open the raw files with my CS5 software so was doing some inconvenient things like converting the Canon raw files to Adobe dng files. It worked OK but meant duplicating large files, so it wasn’t long before I got CS6 which I’m also still using. I’m not planning to change my camera, computer or software until absolutely necessary as I dislike the complexity of needing everything to be of a certain newness for the various components to work together.

DavidBurnett window 0407 highres blog

At this time the ACP had a gallery wall that faced the street so they could try ideas such as this large format vinyl print. They would also leave the lights on all night so after hours pedestrians could view the work. This photo is from the David Burnett exhibition “The Presidents: from JFK to Obama”. David Burnett is one of the great photojournalists and is also a friendly and genial character. It was a thrill to meet him as I had many times showed his “What’s in the bag” video to students. I had him autograph one of my Holgas while he was in Sydney.

burnett clinton wall_0067 blog

Gallery view of David Burnett “The Presidents”. He photographed JFK when he was still a schoolboy, and the subsequent Presidents as a photojournalist.

PatBrassington 0360 HighRes blog

In the back galleries was a thoughtfully curated and beautifully presented retrospective of Pat Brassington, titled “A Rebours”.

PatBrassington 0350 HighRes blog

brassington hall_MG_0516 HighRes blog

Large Pat Brassington prints in the entry hall.

brassington wide entrance_0125 blog copy

Pat Brassington to the left and Robert Besanko and David Burnett to the right.

besanko umbrella original _2387 blog

This is an original lith print by Robert Besanko, I’m pretty sure he was using Kodalith paper.

besanko big lilies towards FOH_blog

Another Besanko, this is a contemporary large print from one of the vintage lith prints.

winter entry wall text_0146 blog



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